Photo by Laurie Klein

Photo by Laurie Klein

My Philosophy: Everyone can learn a more effective way of managing their life, their job, their family. All it takes is good enough knowledge, the will to change, time, effort, practice, and encouragement. Through a combination of techniques gathered from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Short-term Psychodynamic Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Life Coaching, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation I help individuals and groups learn, develop and practice effective strategies for engaging in the process of healthy change and growth.

For Groups: I offer Workshops, Seminars and Presentations on many subjects related to parenting, learning issues, media issues and anxiety management.  My audiences include parents, teachers, peers and others wanting to make a difference in the lives of today’s youth. You can view a full listing of my presentations here. Please contact me if you are interested in having me to speak with your group or at a function.

For Individuals: My private practice specialties include:

-Parenting/family issues
-Anxiety Management
-Coping with and managing a learning disability or neurobiological challenge such as ADD or TBI in a loved one or yourself
-Chronic pain/illness


It’s never too late to learn skills for positive change. If you are ready to learn some new skills and take a step toward change call me at 203 216-3751. If you prefer to communicate via email rather than phone, you will acknowledge that I cannot guarantee the confidentiality of email communications. My email address is

I can help you learn skills that will make a positive difference for you and your loved ones.



Register Now!The pressure associated with The College Process, aka THE BIG EVENT, often creates a lot of negative fallout such as ruptured relationships and high levels of stress and anxiety in students and their families. In this presentation, Parent Coach and Clinical Psychologist Susan Bauerfeld, PhD and College Consultant Victoria Hirsch will offer tips, strategies and suggestions for viewing the college process as a natural next step rather than THE BIG EVENT and for managing the process in ways that foster connection and resilience rather than discord and despair.   For parents of 8th-12th graders. Presented by the Wilton Youth Council and Wilton Library.

NEW Date & Time: Tuesday, March 14 10-11:30am  Tuesday, April 18, 2017 12:30-2:30

Location: Wilton Library

Registration: Registration strongly encouraged. Register online or call 203-762-6334.


Skills for Taming Transition Related Meltdowns

Keeping up with a fast paced, heavily scheduled life demands an endless stream of transitions from one activity to the next – sleeping to waking, eating to playing, playing to bathing, home to school/work, etc. Transitions are complicated and require skill to negotiate effectively. Meltdowns – of both parents and children – during times of transition are both common and particularly disruptive and challenging to manage. In this talk you will learn about the different skills required during transitions – for both parents and kids – and how to learn and teach these skills in ways that both reduce the impact of stress and promote resilience, competence and healthy self-esteem.

Date & Time:  Tuesday, April 25, 2017 – 6:00 p.m. Sandwiches & Refreshments – 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Presentation

Registration:  Please register by email, on-line, or by calling the Library: 203-899-2790, Ext. 15902

Other Engagements

Kids and Media: Implications for SEL in the classroom and beyond – Presenting full day workshop and alumni address at Alverno College Leadership Advancing Character and Culture in Schools (LACCS) series.  Milwaukee, WI. March 22-23, 2017

Foundations for Resilience and Self-Regulation: Cornerstones for Future Success  – A presentation to Staff at Children’s Day School of Wilton, Wilton CT, February 22, 2017

Susan in the Media

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