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I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a coach specializing in parenting and ADHD. I currently work in private practice in Wilton, CT.

My approach is positive and strength based and is built on the premise that most EVERYONE encounters challenges, most EVERYONE struggles and most EVERYONE can learn a different way. I believe that when challenges feel bigger and/or harder than others to manage it is mainly because of lack of knowledge, understanding, skills and/or the practice necessary to handle them differently. Based on this, I try to help people understand their challenge(s), learn and practice strategies and skills for achieving goals of change as well as to build and/or maintain a solid support system. As understanding and skills grow, change becomes possible and challenges become more manageable.

The current focus of my work is heavily influenced by my experiences raising three wonderful, challenging boys in a fast paced, competitive community within a swiftly changing world. I am passionate about trying to help parents learn how to listen and communicate better and to be calm and connected with their children. I am also passionate about helping individuals and families affected by ADHD to learn how to “unwrap the gifts”*, “love what is”** and find ways to feel more connected, confident and successful. To this end I do workshops for parents, book talks at the Wilton Library, and presentations at area schools in addition to individual and parent coaching for ADHD (age 8 to adult) and individual psychotherapy for adults.

My prior work was primarily in cognitive rehabilitation settings. I worked at both Rusk Institute at NYU Medical Center and the Center for Head Injuries at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Hospital in Edison, NJ. In these settings I did neuropsychological testing, cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy (both individual and group) and worked collaboratively with treatment teams consisting of neurologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech therapists and/or physical therapists. In addition I had a private practice where I primarily did psychotherapy, guided imagery and relaxation training with individuals adjusting to life after mild head injury or struggling with chronic pain.

Susan Bauerfeld, PhD

*Edward Hallowell, MD
**Byron Katie

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