Monthly COVID-19 Parent Forum Participant Agreement

COVID-19 Parent Community Monthly Support and Discussion Zoom Meeting

In order to access the code for this month’s Zoom meeting please read the agreement below. Clicking “I Accept” after reading the agreement indicates that you have read and accepted the following terms for participation in this week’s Zoom meeting:

Consent and Confidentiality Agreement for monthly Support and Discussion Group via ZOOM

This ZOOM meeting is intended to be a safe, confidential and private forum for discussion and support during these unusual and unsettling times.  Confidentiality within the group setting is a shared responsibility of moderators and members.  By clicking I ACCEPT below I acknowledge that I understand the following information, and consent to the rules and responsibilities described below regarding my participation in the monthly COVID-19 parent community support and discussion ZOOM meeting:

  • I will hold in strict confidentiality all matters pertaining to the personal identity of other members in the group, such as names, physical descriptions, biological information, reactions, and specific interactions with other group members. I will not “gossip” or disclose information about other group members to anyone outside the group, verbally or through any written or electronic means;
  • I will treat moderators and group members with respect at all times, especially in times of disagreement or conflict;
  • I will participate in the group by listening to others patiently and thoroughly, with curiosity, compassion and concern;
  • I will withhold judgment, unsolicited advice, and probing personal questions about the information shared by others;
  • I will refrain from “naming and shaming” community members—both those present on the call and those who are not present;
  • I will only speak about my own experiences;
  • I will be on time in order to respect others;
  • I will turn off my cellphone and any audio or video recording device during the group call;
  • I will not record the meeting.

Group moderators will adhere to professional, legal, and ethical guidelines of confidentiality by not disclosing any member’s information or communications, except as provided by law.

Suggestions offered by moderators are not intended as medical, legal, or psycho-therapeutic advice.  Moderators are not liable or responsible for the conduct and/or well-being of participants on the call.

I ACCEPT and agree to the terms above and wish to register for the ZOOM meeting.