Free Presentation – Effective Parenting


Effective Parenting:
Fundamentals, Tips and Strategies from
How to Talk so Kids will Listen
 February 10, 2017 12-1 pm
at the Westport Library

No reservations needed.

Co-presented by Westport’s Positive Youth Development Initiative and the Westport Library. Please contact Lauren Rosenkranz ( with any questions.

I will be presenting an overview of the parenting approach developed by Haim Ginott that inspired the classic parenting book How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. The talk will also include a brief overview of the skills and strategies covered in the book.

This is an overview of the principles and skills covered in more depth in the six week workshop How to Talk so Kids will Listen which starts on Tuesday, February 28. I recognize that a single presentation is easier to fit into the schedule than a six week workshop; however, learning and applying new skills requires repetition and practice. You will maximize the likelihood of effecting meaningful change in your family by participating in the full six session workshop. No one would expect to go to a single lecture about tennis techniques and come out on the court the next day skillfully executing those skills. It is no different with learning new parenting skills. Proficiency and mastery requires an investment of effort and time. Click the link for more information about dates and registration for the six week workshop.