Loving What Is

I heard someone on the radio recently talking about “The Work” of Byron Katie. I was intrigued so I got the audiobook “Loving What Is”. The essential concept of the book is that we all create stories that we become attached to that are often in conflict with how the world and the people around us really are. According to Katie, the thoughts associated with these stories are what prevent us from feeling peaceful and content. “The Work” Katie recommends is to find out what is true about any given thought, figure out how to adopt thoughts and stories that are more consistent with “what is”.

A fellow ADHD coach talks about the importance of “parenting the child that you have”. I think that’s another way of saying “loving what is”. What better gift can you give to your child than to love them for the way they really are rather than for how your story wants them to be? If you’re curious about a way to move closer to giving this gift check out “Loving What Is”. I’d love to hear what you think.