Parenting is a daunting responsibility. It’s perhaps the most important job a person will ever hold – full of daily challenges requiring a wide range of skills for effective management. Yet, most parents learn on the job without much, if any, training and little or no supervision. Somehow parents expect that instincts will carry them through. After all, how hard can it be? Cave people raised their young without books and coaches – why can’t we? The answer is simple. The world of today is far more complex than the world of the cave people. Instincts which served the cave people well can actually interfere with effective parenting in today’s world. Take for example, the “fight or flight” response. Activation of this response in the world of the cave person was essential for survival. In today’s world, we rarely encounter the life or death situations present for the cave people yet our “fight or flight” response frequently kicks in nonetheless. Managing this requires a skill set that wasn’t necessary in the days of caves and saber tooth tigers. For instance, when your teenager is raging (and his/her “fight or flight” response is fully engaged) responding with your own “fight or flight” response will usually not serve you well. It doesn’t facilitate conflict resolution or attempts to elicit cooperation. In fact, it often makes a difficult situation worse. Skills are required for effective and optimal outcomes in such situations. Skills that often don’t come naturally and require some learning and practice for effective use and mastery. I offer skills training, guidance and support for parents trying to improve their overall job satisfaction, on-the-job performance and, most importantly, their outcomes – happy, healthy, resilient, successful children. With an eye toward both acknowledging the challenges of parenting and celebrating the wonder and joy of childhood, I offer parents new ways to understand and interact with their children of all ages while still providing structure and positive discipline. Past clients report that they are calmer and more confident parents after working with me. See testimonials.

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