Plug-in to your Kids: Parenting Skills for the Digital Age

Most parents did not grow up in media saturated environments like we have today. A common and natural reaction to this unfamiliar territory is to react – with perceived fear and/or helplessness. Here’s the problem with this reactive approach – when media use is strictly prohibited/externally limited AND/OR used with no consistent guidelines, rich opportunities for learning how to effectively manage one’s self with media are lost.

This workshop will consist of an educational presentation about the neurobiological mechanisms underlying anxiety/worry/fear and how they adversely impact most parents’ approach to media use as well as suggestions for developing a family media management plan.  The focus will be on how to develop perspectives and skills that teach and model self-regulation as well as foster the development of effective media management strategies.

Next date for this presentatation – Friday, May 15, 2015 – Greenacres Elementary School, Scarsdale, NY


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