Plug-in to Your Kids: How to stay Calm, Curious and Connected in the Digital Age

A supportive, skill-focused workshop led by Susan Bauerfeld and Chris Parrott


Worried about the impact of technology on your family?

Frustrated with how much time your kids spend on digital devices?

Find yourself losing it when they have trouble disengaging?

You are not alone, and we can help!

Fear, fury and worry are common experiences in the face of device related challenges. Parenting amid technology can feel as daunting as setting out alone on a Star Trek voyage, traveling “where no one has gone before.” Yet when worry and fear capture most of our attention, we can’t fully listen, learn, solve problems, be curious or kind. As a result, our most influential parenting tool–our relationships with our kids–is compromised. To be effective leaders, protectors and mentors for our children, we must get worry and fear out of the Captain’s chair so we can  “boldly go where no one has gone before,” together with our children. Although the influence of technology is increasingly pervasive, we retain the power to make choices that both strengthen relationships and teach our children valuable skills. When we unplug from worry and fear and plug-in to our kids, we can boldly venture into this new territory hand in hand with our kids with curiosity, skill and strong relationships at the helm.

The workshop is appropriate for parents with children of all ages and will cover the following:

  • iUse – an easy to remember summary of relevant info about the nature of devices and their impact
  • the 4Rs – Core key elements of effective parenting in the Digital World
  • Tips about how and why to manage fear, worry and other emotions that arise when using devices
  • Education and instruction about teaching the skills needed for balanced, independent device use
  • Practical, specific strategies for implementing the concepts covered

Go Boldly. Be Curious. Stay Connected

If you are interested in organizing, sponsoring or hosting a workshop for your friends or organization contact Susan or Chris.