Presentations, Workshops & Discussion Topics

I am available for speaking engagements and workshop facilitation on a range of topics that include general parenting, understanding and coping with learning challenges, media issues and anxiety management.  Typical audiences include parents, teachers, peers and others wanting to make a difference in the lives of today’s youth. I also lead community discussions about books or issues of interest to modern families. You can view a listing of many of my presentations below and click to read testimonials from participants. For more information and/or to discuss your event or group’s needs, call or text me at (203) 216-3751 or email me at [at]

Click to listen to a sample from one of my talks on the topic of Separating Feelings from Behavior 


Susan Bauerfeld speaks to a group of parents — Kendra Baker photo

Plug-in to your Kids: Parenting Skills for the Digital Age – approx 2 hours – An educational presentation about the neurobiological mechanisms underlying anxiety/worry/fear and their adverse impact on most parents’ approach to media. Suggestions for developing a family media management plan are covered.  The focus is on how to develop perspectives and skills that teach and model self-regulation which also support and foster the development of effective media management strategies.

Effective Parenting – Fundamentals, Tips and Strategies from How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will talk–  An overview of the parenting approach developed by Haim Ginott that inspired the classic parenting book How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. The talk will also include a brief overview of the skills and strategies covered in the book.

Photo by Shelby Courtney

Skill Building through the preschool years AKA Taming Toddler Tantrums  -Approx 1 1/2 hours –  This talk reviews the different skills required during transitions – for both parents and kids. Methods for learning  and teaching these skills in ways that both reduce the impact of stress and promote resilience, competence and healthy self-esteem will be outlined.

Paths to Success – approx 1 hour – This presentation covers how Executive Function skills develop and will include tips, tools and strategies parents can use to promote optimal success in all aspects of life.

Talk Back to Worry –  approx 2 hours – A discussion of the neurophysiology of anxiety followed by a presentation of simple, effective strategies for managing anxiety.

College Frenzy: How to manage yourself and your family through the process – Co-presented with College consultant Victoria Hirsch. This presentation offers tips, strategies and suggestions for managing the college process in ways that foster connection and resilience rather than discord and despair.

Parenting Workshops

How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk –  6 sessions – A six week program based on the book How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. It is a “how-to”, “hands on”, positive, strength-based series of classes. Participants learn and practice specific skills and strategies that they can apply right away for positive changes within their families.

The Middle School Years – 6 sessions – Each session will include a mini lesson and role play exercises as well as presentation of information and open discussion of topics relevant to this age group. Topics will include but are not limited to: Media use and regulation, dealing with defiance, mood swings and other “prickles”, negotiating and setting boundaries, understanding the teenage brain, and dealing with peer issues.

Professional Workshops

Foundations for Resilience and Self-Regulation: Cornerstones for Future Success  – 1/2 day

Kids and Media: Implications for SEL in the classroom and beyond – full day –

Talk Back to Worry: A primer for teachers  – 1 hour –Using Mindfulness, Gratitude and Mindset to reduce the impact of stress on the classroom – In this presentation you will learn about the neurological underpinnings of worry and how it impacts learning. You will also learn a process for managing worry in and out of the classroom that can reduce the impact of stress and increase the brain’s capacity for learning and regulation. Strategies covered will include ways to use mindfulness, gratitude and a growth mindset to reduce the adverse impact of stress in the classroom.


Book Talks

Parenting Book Series – A series of presentations giving an overview of various parenting book to help parents determine which books will help them through the sometimes tremulous years of parenting.


Community Dialogues

When a community faces tough issues a community discussion can help lower anxiety and find ways to help. I am available to mediate these meeting, keeping the conversion, polite, sane and on topic.