I am a solution oriented therapist with a practical mindset. I strive to empower my clients to find more effective ways to handle the issues that bring them to my office. I view problems as opportunities to learn and grow rather than just as issues that need to be “fixed”. By exploring the factors contributing to the problems presented by my clients, I not only help them discover “fixes” that work but also strive to equip them to better handle future problems.

The heart of psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship. Through listening, reflection, restructuring, suggesting and educating I try to create a safe, confidential, supportive environment for my clients within which they feel free to explore whatever sensitive and/or challenging situations that have brought them to seek my help. Together we discuss the experiences, successes and mistakes involved with the presenting issue – always with an eye toward finding opportunities to learn and grow. The overarching goal is to increase personal awareness, resiliency and flexibility by examining the factors contributing to the problem, including circumstances, thoughts and feelings. Together we explore ways to change behaviors and thoughts. I also teach new skills, as needed, in order to help maximize my clients’ ability to live the life they desire and achieve the goals they set. In my therapeutic practice I use a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Training, Short Term Psychodynamic Therapy, Guided Imagery and Relaxation Training. I have experience treating anxiety disorders, mood disorders, chronic pain, mild head injury and ADHD.

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