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How to Create Positive Family Dynamics in the ADHD/LD Household

Managing the dynamic variations and conflicts of needs among family members can be challenging under the best of circumstances. ADHD and LD in one or more family members often adds layers of challenge that can feel disruptive, engulfing, overwhelming and disheartening. In this workshop, Dr Jennie Klein and Dr Susan Bauerfeld will present the following: the keys to maintaining positive family dynamics; the ways in which ADHD and LD can complicate family dynamics; and concrete, practical strategies for creating a positive family climate in a household impacted by ADHD/LD.

Worried About Your Child’s Worry?

Top 10 Tips for Helping Your Kids “Talk Back to Worry” and Become Confident and Healthy Lifelong Learners.

Is worry getting in the way of your child’s learning? Do meltdowns take valuable time away from play, homework and other experiences that can build skills, confidence and relationships?

In this talk, I will present 10 tools for turning the tables on worry so you and your kids can learn more, play more and feel better about yourselves and your relationships

Stress and Learning: Managing the Impact of Anxiety

Join me to learn about the neurobiological mechanisms of anxiety and worry; a model for understanding how these mechanisms impact the brain’s availability for both learning and interpersonal connection; and a set of practical skills for managing worry that fosters self-regulation, increased capacity for learning and improved interpersonal relationships.

Too Stressed to Learn

Practical Strategies for getting worry and anxiety out of the way in the Classroom, during Homework and Beyond

ADHD and anxiety often go hand in hand in ways that can adversely impact learning and relationships. In this presentation, the neurobiological mechanisms of anxiety and their effect on the brain’s availability for learning and interpersonal connection will be reviewed. The session will also include description of a practical, skill-based model for managing worry that can reduce the impact of stress and increase the brain’s readiness for learning, regulation, and relationships.

The Annual International Conference on ADHD is the major research, practice, and public information conference dedicated to ADHD. Conference sessions will focus on providing current science-based information and the impact of this information on the lives of individuals with ADHD. The conference will bring together parents of children with ADHD, adults with ADHD, clinicians, educators, researchers, coaches, organizers, advocates, and others. Major goals for the conference are to disseminate the latest developments in research, to facilitate an ongoing exchange about issues related to ADHD by individuals with different experiences and viewpoints, and to increase public understanding of the disorder and its impact. 

Managing Media: WHAT to do, HOW to do it and WHY it’s Important

We are all trailblazers in a new frontier – The Digital World. Travel there, via electronic devices, has become so ubiquitous, swift and compelling that it is common to find ourselves there for long stretches of time unaware of how far we have strayed from essential Physical World resources and needs. Because the digital territory is so new, and there are few, if any, experienced guides, parents often feel overwhelmed, scared, daunted and/or defeated. Some resort to Command and Control. Others throw their hands in the air. Some alternate between the two. None of these approaches are particularly helpful to kids who want and need to travel in the Digital World.

Join us to learn how to take a different approach based on an understanding of the science of how both devices and human relationships can influence behavior. The presentation will include practical, flexible and straightforward guidelines for teaching the skills needed to manage digital devices and content so children and parents can travel in and out of the Digital World with composure, mindfulness, resilience and good health.

This presentation is appropriate for parents with children of all ages.

Kids and Media: Implications for SEL in the classroom and beyond

Presented a full day workshop and alumni address at Alverno College Leadership Advancing Character and Culture in Schools (LACCS) series.  Milwaukee, WI. March 22-23, 2017

Foundations for Resilience and Self-Regulation:
Cornerstones for Future Success

A presentation to Staff at Children’s Day School of Wilton