Talk Back to Worry: A primer for teachers

Talk Back to Worry: A Primer for Teachers

Using Mindfulness, Gratitude and Mindset to reduce the impact of stress on the classroom

by Jack Moreh

As pressures for both students and teachers to perform and conform continue to increase, worry, and the stress it generates, is becoming a more prevalent disruptive force in the classroom. Unmanaged worried thoughts (like “am I good enough”) can hijack the brain’s availability for learning, negatively impact health and well-being and adversely influence the classroom environment. In this presentation you will learn about the neurological underpinnings of worry and how it impacts learning. You will also learn a process for managing worry in and out of the classroom that can reduce the impact of stress and increase the brain’s capacity for learning and regulation. Strategies covered will include ways to use mindfulness, gratitude and a growth mindset to reduce the adverse impact of stress in the classroom.

Presented at NJAHPERD Health Education Conference “Keeping Health First” December 5, 2016